Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Great Advertising Fees

Like I told you guys before , Telemiami is offering great prices in advertising this month.
We can do 30 sec. or 1 min. commercials at a great low price , This offer is for new costumers that have not promoted their companies or business in Telemiami before.
We have some good programs that are very well liked by our Spanish speaking audience .
We start in the morning with Carlos Garin with the news , and then he has his well known show(Entre Amigos) with a great variety of local guests from our community.
We can be seen in Atlantic Broadband (Channel 82) and Commcast cable(Channel 595)
You will not regret this opportunity to advertise , There is a lot of companies who have seen the difference in their sales and profits.
I invite everyone to make this decision ,I know for a fact that will turn your company around.
So make your move now , Don't be left out.!!!!!